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About Us

PT. Delitekno Media Mandiri

PT. Delitekno Media Mandiri is a business entity engaged in software development and digital publications. This business began in 2010 with the Gosoftware Media brand and was finally registered at the Directorate General of General Legal Administration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia on April 23, 2022 under the name Delitekno Media Mandiri. This business entity is domiciled in Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Currently the company is still growing and starting to adapt to the high demand for publication in the society.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Fifi Syafrina
Desi Irwanti
Operational Manager
Nurul Husna
Finance Manager
Alda Juwita
Media and Publication Division
Our Portofolio


E-Profile Developer Perumahan

Website Profile Pengembang Perumahan

E-Booking Developer Perumahan

Sistem Booking Pengembang Perumahan

E-Wallet Developer Perumahan

Sistem Pembukuan Pengembang Perumahan

E-Account Developer Perumahan

Sistem Keuangan Pengembang Perumahan

E-Water Developer Perumahan

Sistem Rekening Air Pengembang Perumahan PDAM

Website Sekolah

Website Sekolah Pondok Pesantren

PPDB Sekolah

Penerimaan Peserta Didik Baru Sekolah Pondok Pesantren

Website Perguruan Tinggi

Website Perguruan Tinggi Universitas Akademi Institut

PMB Perguruan Tinggi

Sistem Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Perguruan Tinggi Universitas Akademi Institut

SIAKAD Perguruan Tinggi

Sistem Informasi Akademik Perguruan Tinggi Universitas Akademi Institut

OJS2 Migration

Migrasi Open Journal System versi 2 ke versi 3

Our Project

List of Our Project

Project Location Year
Sistem Informasi Akademik AMIK Royal Kisaran Sumatera Utara 2010
Sistem Informasi Akademik IKIP Gunungsitoli Sumatera Utara 2010
Website AKBID Assyifa Kisaran Sumatera Utara 2012
Sistem Informasi Developer Perumahan CV. DJP Kisaran Sumatera Utara 2016
Sistem Informasi Rekening Air Tirtanadi Bali 2016
Sistem Informasi Developer Perumahan CV. PB Kisaran Sumatera Utara 2017
Sistem Informasi Rekening Air Kab. Buol Sulawesi Tengah 2018
Website Kecamatan Tabir Selatan Jambi 2019
Desain dan Support OJS STAI-YAPTIP Pasaman Barat Sumatera Barat 2020
Desain dan Support OJS STAI-NIAS Sumatera Utara 2020
Sistem Informasi PPDB SMP IT Darul Hikmah Pasaman Barat Sumatera Utara 2020
Website Penerbit CV. Ahsanu Amala Medan Sumatera Utara 2021
Desain dan Support OJS Permapendis Sumut Sumatera Utara 2021
Desain dan Support OJS Yayasan Insan Cipta Medan Sumatera Utara 2021
Desain dan Support OJS Yayasan Pena Cendekia Insani Sumatera Utara 2021
Website Program Studi SI FST UIN Sumatera Utara Sumatera Utara 2021
Desain dan Support OJS STIE Graha Kirana Sumatera Utara 2022
Sistem Informasi Developer Perumahan PT. AJB Kisaran Sumatera Utara 2023
Website Penerbit CV. Afasa Pustaka Sumatera Barat 2023
Website Sekolah Baitul Mustaghfirin Al-Amir Sumatera Utara 2023
Desain dan Support OJS PT Rahis Cendekia Indonesia Sumatera Utara 2023
Desain dan Support OJS Yayasan Unggul Insani Sumatera Utara 2023

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Journal of Computers and Digital Business

Journal of Computers and Digital Business is an interdisciplinary and open access journal covering Computers and Digital Business. The Journal of Computers and Digital Business is open to submission from experts and scholars in the wide areas of Information System, Security, Artificial Intelligent , Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Digital Business Technology and other areas listed in the focus and scope of this journal.

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